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André Gustafsson

AG Arts & Graphics

Featured Projects

Gym 19.jpg

Amini is a protein/energy drink that launched in January 2023. I have been on board since the beginning of the project. Package design and anything graphics-related is done by yours truly.

Cloud BG2.jpg

Turbotic offers Automation and AI solutions to companies wanting to scale their business.  Freelance work including, social media ads, explainer videos, GIFs, white papers, one sliders, web design, powerpoints, invitations, and photo editing.

MicrosoftTeams-image (5) curves 2.png

Centigo is a consulting company offering expertise in various fields of work. I occasionally design flyers, banners and exhibition stands according to their graphic profile. 

EniroBuddy_LinkedIn_Personal_Banner_4.6 copy.png

Eniro wants to further establish themselves as an online marketing company. My assignment was to create a series of LinkedIn banners showing off their new service EniroBuddy, as well as general banners formatted both for business and personal pages. 

SKARPNÄCK_ALE_7_PhotoshopPDF_PortfolioBG No text 73%BW.png

Package design for ICA Skarpnäcks local brew called Skarpnäck Ale. A new edition drops once or twice a year and I have designed number 6 and 7. Number 8 is soon to come! 

Ditu diuWebsite BG 4 3330x1160px.png

Ditu Diu is latin and can be interpreted as "enrich for a long time." The target audience for this cologne are younger teenage boys. All the fragrances have diffrent names in latin with a corresponding graphic on the packaging. 

Coasters Website BG 3330x1160px test5.png

A telephone company called Telelink is trying to sell their product with the help of advertisements in styles from different design movements. Don't ask why... 

Design Ephemera

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